About TRL

TRL is at The Hamner

Founded in 2012, Triangle Research Labs (TRL) is a fast-growing provider of hepatocytes and other products supporting in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interactions, drug transporter activity, toxicity of drug candidates and other applications.

TRL offers primary hepatocytes, hepatic non-parenchymal cells, NoSpin HepaRG™, and Quasi Vivo® modular cell culture systems. In 2016, Lonza Bioscience acquired TRL.

Our Capabilities

  • Leading a New Standard for primary hepatocyte quality and performance
  • Experts in fresh and cryopreserved, human and animal, hepatocyte isolation and characterization
  • Committed customer service and technical support for TRL products.
  • Custom cell isolation services available
  • IACUC accredited animal facilities
  • Extensive human tissue supply through diverse organ procurement relationships